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WIP Artists Host at Java

By August 23, 2016Art

Exactly a year ago Sarah Roberts, along with a team of seven, launched WIP Artists, an organization for creative minds working in progress. One year later and WIP is celebrating its first anniversary at Java Studios with an event that not only exhibits what the group strives for but celebrates its growth.


WIP showcases art but in a different fashion; it presents work in progress. This is not your ordinary art show in a white walled gallery but a show mixing and presenting various art forms in search for critique.


“It’s a community based art show,” says founder/director Sarah Roberts. As a photographer that did not attend art school Roberts would seek criticism from friends and the community.  That is when the first event kicked of. Gathering a group of around 20 Sarah found a small café where friends would show off and critique their “work in progress”.


For those that didn’t attend art school it’s a way to, “lead each other on the right track,” comments Sarah, “where we help facilitate [others’] projects.”


After a successful first gathering Sarah, along with friends, begun putting together WIP Artists. Meeting 10 times a year (every month besides once in the summer and December) the team puts together shows for any art form one could think of. From photographers and painters to comedians and actors, the mixture of visual and performing arts allows for diversity and opportunity.


Every month artists can volunteer to show off their work by applying/registering online. The show starts off with an introduction of all the artists, including quick explanations on their work. After taking a look at everyone’s work there is a free form discussion uniting the artists with the audience. This also includes a Question and Answer session where artists are able to receive direct exposure to various opinions.


But celebrating their one year at Java Studios on August 20 WIP Artists held a slightly different event, one running along the lines of a block party/festival. With the performances continuing throughout the entire event the team organized a free form affair.


It’s an, “opportunity to learn about the art process and be in a community,” adds Sarah. August 20 the community was evident. Bringing together a group of artists, friends, family, etc. WIP Artists filled Java Studios with creative minds of all kind.


“Java has the visions making art accessible for people that everyone can be a part of,” comments Sarah, “we are very grateful to find Java; [it] goes to show that when people get together and believe in something it can happen.”


*Interviewed/Written by: Caroline Krawczysnki 

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